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CRM-CCL-185 and CCL-185 difference
What is the difference between A549 (ATCC® CRM-CCL-185) and A549 (ATCC® CCL-185)?

CRM-CCL-185 are the same cell line as CCL-185 except it is a Certified Reference Material (CRM).  CRM cells offer greater traceability as they are meant to be used in clinical laboratories that require the extra certification for their protocols. The intended uses of ATCC Certified Reference Material are:

•           To challenge assay performance; validate or compare test methods; establish sensitivity, linearity and specificity during assay validation or implementation.

•           To benchmark critical assay performance during development/validation for regulatory submissions and production lot release.

•           For use in testing and calibration in ISO 17025 accredited laboratories.

Certified Reference Materials from ATCC are:

•           Traceable to the original seed lot and verified using genotypic and phenotypic testing to confirm identity.

•           The vial is accompanied by a certificate stating property values, expiration date, and proper use; confirming that the necessary procedures have been carried out to ensure their validity and traceability (ISO Guide 30: 1992).

Non-CRM versions of cell lines are fully quality control tested and the results are provided on the Certificate of Analysis. 
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Date Updated09/05/2018 09:15 AM

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