Testing Services

Check your cells

with ATCC cell line testing and authentication services

Preserve the integrity, reproducibility, and validity of your research data by authenticating your working cell banks and controls.

  • 18-36% of cell lines used in scientific research are either misidentified, duplicated, or cross-contaminated, making research results invalid.
  • The financial cost of invalid research caused by misidentified cell lines exceeds $50 billion.
  • More than 32,000 scientific articles have based their results on misidentified cell lines.
  • Cell line validation is now required by the National Institutes of Health for grant funding and by a number of scientific journals.

ATCC gives you confidence and confirmation in the validity of your research results by offering:

Mycoplasma Testing

Make sure you test your cells. Mycoplasma contamination, which is rampant and difficult to detect, will invalidate your research.

Human Cell Authentication Service

Your human cell lines could be misidentified, cross-contaminated, or genetically drifted. Get them tested to confirm the authentication of your materials.

Mouse Cell Authentication Service

Your mouse cell lines could be misidentified, crosscontaminated, or genetically drifted. Authenticate them now to preserve the integrity of your data.

Advancing Cell Line Authentication: A Case for Credibility in Science