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Biorepository Services SM

Your research depends on reliable biomaterials that you can trust. That means ensuring that the quality and authenticity of your material remains consistent throughout each stage of your project. As part of our commitment to promoting reproducibility in the life sciences, ATCC provides researchers with cGMP-compliant biorepository services that enable the secure and reliable storage and management of your precious biological materials.

With nearly a century of experience in biomaterials services and management, we have the expertise needed to authenticate, store, maintain, and globally distribute biological samples. By entrusting us with your samples, you can rest assured that your materials are securely managed through a temperature-controlled supply chain, 24/7 equipment monitoring, and on-call after-hours personnel. We’ll take care of the logistics and resources, so you can focus on what’s important—your research.

We work with you through all stages of your custom project process, from the initial inquiry, design, and initiation of your project, to the production, characterization, packaging, biobanking, and distribution of your biological materials.

  • Extensive support to customers needing cGMP compliant & non-cGMP Master Cell Banks (MCB) and Working Cell Banks (WCB)
  • Long-term storage of small- or large-scale biomaterials or specimens
  • Flexible storage choices: sample, box, shelf, unit, or rack
  • Managing over 23 million samples
  • Inventory management system to assure biomaterials are properly accounted for at all times
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Capabilities cGMP Non-cGMP
Extensive support of MCB & WCB production
Extensive support of MCB & WCB storage and Distribution
Sample processing and analysis
Long-term storage of biomaterial in a secure, controlled, and monitored environment
Designed for large-scale capacity storage of cell lines, microorganisms, and other biological materials
Flexible storage level choices
dedicated and validated units, with access restricted to cGMP-trained staff
Separate storage boxes for each bank, or multiple banks in on box (customer's option)
Separate storage units between cell lines and other material
Only one customer per storage level (customer's option)
Direct quality oversight of all unit entry and retreval activities
Cold chain storage and management upon receipt, inventory movements, and distributions
Regulatory compliance support for imports, exports, and domestic Transports