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STEC for Food Testing

Enhance your STEC testing programs

In the food industry, providing safe products is of the utmost importance. Support your routine verification testing for the O157 and Big-Six Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli (STEC) serogroups with authenticated reference materials from ATCC:

  • Strains and microbial panels
  • Quantitated nucleic acids
  • Reporter-labeled controls

ATCC STEC reference materials are evaluated for serotype and the presence of the Shiga toxin (stx1 and stx2) and intimin (eaeA) genes. These authenticated reference materials provide the consistency needed for assay standardization, the evaluation of new protocols, and the maintenance of outstanding food safety programs.

View our on-demand webinar to learn more about the toxigenic, non-toxigenic, and reporter-labeled reference materials from ATCC that support STEC detection.

Strains and Panels

ATCC offers a variety of toxigenic and non-toxigenic strains representing the O157 and Big-Six serogroups commonly associated with foodborne illness. Each strain has been evaluated for serotype and the presence or absence of select virulence genes. These materials are ideal for use as quality control organisms in the routine verification testing of raw beef manufacturing trimmings.

Microbial panels

Reporter-labeled Controls

ATCC reporter-labeled strains offer an efficient and reliable method to distinguish control strain cross-contamination from true contamination, and are appropriate for use as positive controls in quality control assays. Further, each strain has been thoroughly examined for reporter expression, vector stability, compatibility with detection technologies, growth rate, and fitness trends.

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ATCC® Genuine Nucleics

To support the molecular-based detection of toxigenic E. coli, ATCC offers a variety of genomic DNA preparations that have been aseptically prepared from authenticated STEC strains. These whole genome preparations save you the time and cost associated with culturing and extracting nucleic acids yourself, and are ideal for food testing applications.

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