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Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Solutions

When timing is everything - ATCC makes it easy

ATCC bioproducts and services offer dependable solutions for creative drug discoveries and assay development innovations. From cancer and infectious disease research to vaccine manufacturing, ATCC has been the trusted source for:

  • Authenticated, characterized cultures
  • Quality control strains
  • Nucleic acids
  • Growth media and sera
  • Screening tools
  • Biorepository provisioning amenities

Trust only ATCC to keep your discovery timeline on track!

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Drug discovery & development

The development of novel drugs begins with the identification of genetic and cellular disease targets. To help you get started, ATCC offers cell lines with well-defined biomarkers and pathogenic microbes with known serotype, virulence factor production, and antibiotic susceptibility profiles.

Assay Development & Screening

An important step in evaluating a novel drug is the development of assays used in compound screening or evaluating the drug's effects on the target of interest. Partner with ATCC for authenticated cell lines, biological derivatives, and custom solutions that support your assay development and screening needs.

Sterility Testing & Storage

Ensuring that the biological materials used in in the drug discovery and development process are stored properly and are free from objectionable microorganisms is critical for ensuring the quality and safety of a pharmaceutical drug. Trust ATCC for your quality control and storage needs.