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Genomic DNA and RNA

DNA light blue on a dark background

NGS-ready DNA

We have standardized our DNA extraction procedures to produce long-fragment, high-molecular-weight DNA for next-generation sequencing applications.
MRSA, Janice Haney Carr and Jeff Hageman, CDC

Bacterial Nucleic Acids

ATCC offers genomic DNA from many of the more than 18,000 strains in the world's most diverse collection of prokaryotes
DNA illustration on blue background

Cell Line DNA

ATCC offers genomic DNA from highly characterized, authenticated cell lines from our collection.
Aspergillus bread mold

Fungal and Yeast Nucleic Acids

ATCC offers genomic DNA from a variety of fungi, including Geomyces destructans, the pathogen responsible for White Nose Syndrome in bats.
DNA strands

NIST DNA Standards

ATCC offers DNA standards from the National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST) for biomarker, forensic, paternity, and other quality assurance procedures.
Giardia, Dr. Stan Erlandsen, CDC

Protist Nucleic Acids

ATCC offers genomic DNA from many of our 2600 strains of protists (including 265 strains of algae) representing nearly 750 species and 340 genera.
HIV, Dr. A Harrison and Dr. P Feorino, CDC

Viral Nucleic Acids

ATCC offers viral genomic DNA from infected cells or allantoic fluid.
DNA illustration on dark background

Quantitative Cell Line DNA

ATCC qDNA contain biomarkers quantified by validated methods such as next-generation sequencing, making them ideal controls for your lab-developed or commercially available assays.