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Nucleic Acids and Toxins

If you can’t find the nucleic acids that you need from ATCC catalog products currently available, ask ATCC to make it for you! Small-scale quantities of nucleic acids from ATCC Genuine Cultures® are ideal for PCR, cloning or other molecular applications. If your research requires larger quantities of nucleic acids, we can grow, extract and purify nucleic acids from most ATCC cultures.

Genomic DNA and RNA

ATCC offers a variety of nucleic acid preparations from our Bacteriology, Mycology, Protistology, Virology, and Cell Biology collections.
DNA in a test tube

Synthetic Nucleic Acids

How do you research microorganisms that don’t grow in vitro? You go straight to ATCC synthetic nucleic acids. Now featuring Dengue, Norovirus, and West Nile Virus!
DNA strands

Quantitative Nucleic Acids

Quantitated molecular tools for inclusivity and exclusivity testing, establishing limits of detection, and validating or comparing test methods.

The ATCC Toxins Collection

The ATCC toxins collection offers unique, highly purified toxin preparations recommended for Western blots and cytotoxicity assays.
DNA Test Sanger Sequencing

Custom Nucleic Acids

Are you looking for larger quantities of our ATCC catalog DNA or RNA nucleic acids? Let us grow, extract & purify them for you!