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Infectious Diseases - Inclusivity/Exclusivity

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Be specific – what do you want to detect?

Ensuring assay specificity requires a wide breadth of both inclusive and exclusive standards. That’s why utilizing a large data set from among ATCC cultures and nucleic acids provides you with targeted and reliable results. Explore your options, such as:

  • Fully sequenced strains
  • Clinically relevant reference materials
  • Genomic and synthetic nucleic acids

Moreover, ATCC reference materials have been extensively characterized and authenticated using a polyphasic approach that includes genotypic, phenotypic, and functional analyses, ensuring the best products for your inclusivity/exclusivity validation studies.

Download our white paper to learn more about establishing robust parameters for inclusivity/exclusivity testing!

Fully Sequenced Strains

ATCC provides all the cultures you need to perform complex analysis of sequenced genomes, including fungi, yeasts, bacteria, and protozoa.

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Clinically relevant Strains

Infectious diseases are caused by a number of biological agents, resulting in clinically evident illnesses. To aid in the development and evaluation of novel diagnostic assays, ATCC offers an extensive array of clinically relevant microbial strains, including those with applications in:

ATCC® Genuine Nucleics

Ensuring experimental accuracy is critical in the validation of rapid molecular-based assays. To aid in inclusivity/exclusivity testing, ATCC offers an expanding assortment of microbial nucleic acids. Browse our complete collection of ATCC® Genuine Nucleics: