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ATCC stands ready to support our customers’ needs during the coronavirus pandemic. Our first job is to listen to and observe what our customers need, and meet those needs with quality products and services. While we are not currently experiencing delays due to this pandemic, we expect that we could see them as the situation evolves. If you experience any issues, please contact ATCC Customer Service at For Technical questions please contact Thank you for your understanding, patience and flexibility as ATCC does everything it can to help reduce the impact of the coronavirus pandemic to our valued customers.


ATCC’s collections include a wide range of biological materials for research, including cell lines, molecular genomics tools, microorganisms, and bioproducts.
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Cell Biology Collections

Browse our selection of continuous, hTERT-immortalized, primary and iPS cell lines as well as our selection of culture media and associated reagents.
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Global Priority Superbugs

Recent antimicrobial-resistant clinical isolates provided with susceptibility profiles, MIC values, genetic data, and source information.
MRSA, Janice Haney Carr and Jeff Hageman, CDC

Microbiology Collections

Choose from among the world’s largest collection of bacteria, viruses, yeast, fungi, protozoa, nucleic acids, and molecular tools.
Michael J. Fox Foundation Collection

Michael J. Fox Foundation Collection

In partnership with the MJFF, we offer 3 cell lines for investigating the role of neuroinflammation & macrophage function in Parkinson’s disease.


Preceptrol® Cultures

ATCC's Preceptrol® cultures offer an economical way for your lab to use well-characterized ATCC strains. Most preceptrol cultures are packaged in convenient serum vials, and afforded the same standards of quality as our traditional batch vial preparations.
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US National Park Service Collection

View items available from the US National Park Service.