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Water Testing Reference Standards

Testing consumable, recreational, pharmaceutical, and environmental water samples for objectionable microbial pathogens is a matter of public health and safety. The presence of microbial contaminants in these water sources can lead to adverse health effects that may result in hospitalization or death.


Currently, there are a number of known sources of microbial contamination, including:

  • Human sewage
  • Agricultural or wildlife runoffs
  • Effluent from wastewater treatment plants
  • Ineffective disinfection practices

The most effective way of reducing microbial contamination in water is by controlling it at the source. Protective measures such as the routine testing of water can greatly reduce the incidence of disease and contamination of consumable products.

ATCC offers a wide range of products to support both culture- and molecular-based detection of microorganisms in various water sources. Check out the resources below for more information.

Recreational Water Testing

The Enterococcus faecalis Quantitative DNA Standard is provided as a kit composed of three dilutions. This product is useful for establishing calibration curves to measure the performance of molecular-based water quality testing assays, and is compatible with EPA Method 1611.

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Pharmaceutical Water Testing

Purified water is a key component in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products. ATCC has the reference strains you need to ensure the accuracy and sensitivity of water monitoring programs. Moreover, these strains meet pharmacopeial requirements for the quality control of water for pharmaceutical use.

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Environmental Testing

A clean and safe environment is intricate to public health. By providing high-quality authenticated organisms, ATCC is able to contribute to water quality control testing services.  Our strains are ideal as controls for the analysis of natural water sources, retention ponds, and wastewater.

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