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Preclinical Toxicology PK Metabolism

Need a functional model to explore the ADME of a new chemical entity?

Testing for absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion (ADME) is crucial to moving your product to market. Get closer results to those observed in vivo and rule out possible toxicities faster by using our entire ADME portfolio, featuring our hTERT-immortalized renal transport protein-expressing kidney cells. ATCC is here to support your metabolic stability, metabolite identification, and drug-drug interaction assays with our neurological and renal cell models.

  • Neural Progenitor Cells – Ideal in vitro cell models, these can be induced to differentiate into 3 different early neuron stages
  • Renal Kidney SLC Transporter Cells – Can be used to monitor the renal solute transport of compounds or assess the renal toxicity of novel agents.

ACS-5003 Dopaminergic Diff

Neural Progenitor Cells

Optimized cell lines are essential for testing the neurotoxicity of new chemical entities. ATCC offers a complete system of normal and Parkinson's disease tri-lineage–capable, neural progenitor cells (NPCs), lineage marker–labeled NPCs, and expansion and differentiation media. Work with differentiating or terminally differentiated neurons, astrocytes, and oligodendrocytes much sooner—yield experimental results faster.

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Renal SLC Transporter Cells

Toxicologists struggle to find kidney models with high physiological relevance and inter-experimental reproducibility. To fulfill this need, ATCC scientists have created biologically functional renal epithelial tubule cells using a well-characterized hTERT-immortalized RPTEC that stably overexpress the OAT1, OCT2, or OAT3 gene; these modified cells provide kidney tissue-relevant results, improved consistency over time, and predictability for clinical trials.

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Custom Solutions

Don’t see the toxicology tool you’re looking for? ATCC has the knowledge, experience, and meticulous methodologies to support your custom needs. Leverage our 95 years experience as a partner in life science discovery. Whether you are looking for the large-scale manufacture of cell lines (master and working cell banks) or a different specification/format than offered in our catalog, ATCC can provide you with customized options to reach your research goals.

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