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Pharmacology, Exploratory, Toxicology

Are you to the point in your research where you need a model that reflects true physiology?

The FDA requires confirmation of preliminary screening and characterization studies for new drug applications with experiments performed in more physiologically relevant models. To help the success of your preclinical studies, ATCC provides advanced cell models for toxicity testing, such as Differentiated iPSCs and Primary and hTERT-immortalized Primary Cells.

  • Differentiated iPSCs – These cells fulfill the need for a consistent source of cells with physiological relevance; they provide large numbers of cells that can be differentiated into a variety of functional cell types, affording the necessary biological relevance with minimal lot-to-lot variability.
  • hTERT-immortalized Primary Cells – These modified primary cells provide physiological relevance, but without the limitation of proliferation. ATCC offers hTERT-immortalized cells derived from kidney, skin, airway, and vasculature.
  • Primary Cells – These cells are the most physiologically relevant model available. To ensure the success of your primary cultures, we offer a complete solution of cells, media, and supplements.

White blood cells

Differentiated iPSCs

Toxicologists struggle to find cell models with high physiological relevance and the ability to be run in an assay over and over again without introducing variability. To fulfill this need, ATCC scientists have differentiated induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) into widely used cells such as mesenchymal stem cells, CD34+ cells, and monocytes. These differentiated cells can be used to build physiologically relevant cell-based assays for drug development in fields such as regenerative medicine, hematology, oncology, and toxicology.

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hTERT-immortalized Primary Cells

There is a lack of in vitro models that durably and correctly recapitulate in vivo physiology. hTERT-immortalized primary cells solve the problem of limited biological relevancy in cell-based assays: this versatile cell type displays the growth characteristics of continuous cell lines without the loss of normal physiologies. They conveniently allow for large-scale screening of toxicology compounds while avoiding lot to lot variability.

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primary krt14-filiggrin

Human Primary Cells

Isolated directly from tissue and untransformed, primary cells are the most physiologically relevant models available. ATCC offers a wide variety of human primary cells from normal or diseased donors that can be used as physiologically relevant models for drug screening and toxicity studies. In addition, we provide a complete solution for primary cell growth, including tissue-specific media, supplements, and other reagents specially formulated to ensure the robust growth of your primary cells.

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Custom Solutions

Don’t see the toxicology tool you’re looking for? ATCC has the knowledge, experience, and meticulous methodologies to support your custom needs. Leverage our 95 years experience as a partner in life science discovery. Whether you are looking for the large-scale manufacture of cell lines (master and working cell banks) or a different specification/format than offered in our catalog, ATCC can provide you with customized options to reach your research goals.

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