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The ATCC Protistology Collection is the only general service collection of taxonomically diverse living stock protists in the United States, and the only large service repository of parasitic protozoa in the world. Cultures are authenticated using morphological and molecular techniques.

Algae (Alphanumeric)

Search a wide selection of algae alphanumerically.

Protozoa (Alphanumeric)

Search protozoa alphanumerically.
DNA strands

Protozoan Genome Sequencing Strains

ATCC provides all the cultures you need to perform complex analysis of protozoan sequenced genomes.

Eumycetozoan Project Strains

Commonly referred to as "slime molds" and historically studied by mycologists, the Eumycetozoans are a monophyletic group of terrestrial amoeboid protists that produce aerial spore-bearing structures.
Eastern equine encephalitis, Fred Murphy and Sylvia Whitfield, CDC

Living Stock Protists

ATCC offers cultures from a diverse collection of Protists from the six major taxonomic supergroups.
Trypanosoma cruzi, Dr. A.J. Sulzer, CDC

Parasitic Protozoa

ATCC offers a wide variety of cultures and reagents to support parasitology research. As the only large service repository of parasitic protozoa in the world, ATCC offers over 1000 strains of parasites.
test tubes

Protozoan Culture Media

ATCC offers a variety of protozoa culture media to support the growth of either xenic or axenic cultures.
DNA strands

Protozoan Nucleic Acids

ATCC offers pre-packaged nucleic acids from several parasitic protozoa strains in concentrations great enough to perform PCR.