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ATCC stands ready to support our customers’ needs during the coronavirus pandemic. Our first job is to listen to and observe what our customers need, and meet those needs with quality products and services. While we are not currently experiencing delays due to this pandemic, we expect that we could see them as the situation evolves. If you experience any issues, please contact ATCC Customer Service at For Technical questions please contact Thank you for your understanding, patience and flexibility as ATCC does everything it can to help reduce the impact of the coronavirus pandemic to our valued customers.

Protein and Virus Production

ATCC Protein and Virus Production Systems match reliable, authenticated cells with their ideal media and reagents to create optimized, easy to use systems for protein expression and virus propagation.

HEK Transfection System

The HEK 293T/17 SF cell line is optimal for transient transfection and protein expression. The GeneXPlus transfection reagent has been optimized for use with the HEK line to reproducibly express a wide range of proteins at high levels

Serum-Free VERO Cell System

Host and Packaging Cell Lines

ATCC holdings include an array of host and packaging cell lines of mammalian, bacterial, and insect origin.
Primary Uterine Fibroblasts GFP

Transfection Reagents

ATCC transfection reagents are designed to transfect a broad spectrum of cell types, from easy to transfect cell lines to primary cells, iPSCs, adult stem cells, and other hard to transfect cells, with high efficiency and low cytotoxicity.