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Pharmaceutical Quality Control

Keeping quality control programs on target

Microbial contamination is one of the most serious issues currently facing the pharmaceutical industry as it can affect product quality and consumer safety. That's why ATCC offers a broad range of reference materials that support the microbiological quality control of pharmaceutical products, including:

  • Authenticated cultures that support pharmacopeial compendial standards
  • Certified reference materials that support assay development
  • Mycoplasma quality control strains and nucleic acids for the analysis of cell-based products
  • Purified viruses for assay development and screening studies

Don’t take chances on the quality of your products. Insist on authenticated reference strains from ATCC and make quality control an essential part of your pharmaceutical manufacturing process.

Quality Control Reference Strains

The pharmaceutical industry looks to ATCC to provide the top-quality strains necessary to maintain the highest levels of product integrity and reputation.  With ATCC products, pharmaceutical customers can rely on robust quality systems, strain authentication, and meticulous microbial maintenance protocols. 

Mycoplasma Quality Control

To help ensure the safety of your cell-based pharmaceuticals, ATCC offers a wide range of products that support the development and evaluation of mycoplasma detection methods, including quantitative mycoplasma DNA and titered mycoplasma reference strains.

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Purified Viruses

Obtaining a high-titer, purified virus preparation can be time consuming and tedious. Let ATCC do the work for you! With ATCC purified viruses, you can expect a high titer, quanitified genome copy number, purification via ultracentrifugation through sucrose, and strain authenticity.

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