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Microbial Panels

ATCC Microbial Panels enable faster, more intelligent choices when selecting cultures for microbial-based disease research. Each panel is comprised of ATCC Genuine Cultures grouped together based on their utility in research related to infectious disease, antibiotic-resistance mechanisms, food and environmental testing, and population studies. Cultures included in each panel are further characterized by ATCC for relevant strain traits.

Microbial Panels

View a complete listing of microbial panels comprising authenticated cultures or nucleic acid preparations
Staphyloccus epidermidis, Segrid McAllister and Janice Carr, CDC

Multidrug Resistance

Cultures grouped together based on genetic markers conferring drug resistance, including MRSA, VRE, KPC, and NDM-1
Candida, CDC

Drug Testing

Panels exhibiting various levels of sensitivity to common antimicrobial drugs for use in susceptibility testing

Food Testing

Panels containing Escherichia coli or Salmonella enterica serogroups often associated with contaminated food
Salmonella typhimurium , Bette Jensen, CDC

Enteric Disease

Panels comprising genomic DNA preparations or pathogenic strains for use in enteric disease research
SEM E. Coli

Quality Control

Panels supporting the microbiological quality control of pharmaceutical products and cell lines

Sexually Transmitted Infections

Cultures grouped together based on their applications in clinical research and epidemiology
Cryptococcus neoformans lung infection, Dr. Leanor Haley, CDC

Respiratory Disease

Panels of respiratory pathogens that support the development of vaccines, novel therapeutics, and rapid detection methods

Vector-borne Disease

Panels comprising synthetic dengue viral RNA or genomic DNA isolated from medically relevant species of Leishmania