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Drug Discovery

Many ATCC cell lines are already well defined models for drug discovery, and can provide researchers with a starting point for the development of pharmaceuticals and biologicals.

Physiologically relevant cell-based assays are critical for pre-clinical drug development. ATCC provides a vast collection of cell lines and other in vitro models needed to investigate the efficacy and safety of new chemical entities for such applications as high content screening, 3D culture, cytotoxicity, permeability assays, and receptor-ligand interactions. Additionally, many of these cell lines have been extensively characterized for drug sensitivity, mutational information, mRNA expression profiles, and patient background to facilitate rational drug design.

  • Cancer Resources
  • iPSCs
  • Tumor Cell Panels
  • Isogenic Cells
  • The Michael J. Fox Foundation Cell Lines
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      Angio-Ready Assay Ready System

      Angio-Ready is an assay-ready, single-use kit designed for the high-throughput monitoring of angiogenesis. This kit contains the ideal ratio of GFP-expressing hTERT-immortalized endothelial cells pre-mixed with hTERT-immortalized mesenchymal stem cells, and is supplied with complete growth medium. 

      Are you Angio-Ready? Choose from two available sizes:

      Two assays
      Ten assays

      Toxicology Tools

      Physiologically relevant cell-based assays are critical for the biomedical and toxicity data that cannot be obtained from animal models or humans. ATCC offers well-characterized cells that can be used to refine traditional cell-based experiments or construct high-throughput assays, reducing the need for in vivo studies.

      Explore our tools for toxicology

      Isogenic Cell Lines

      Clinically relevant cell models are critical for evaluating the molecular and cellular mechanisms of tumors and for screening novel cancer drugs. With genome-editing tools such as CRISPR/Cas9, ATCC has created isogenic cell lines with mutants of key oncogenes. These advanced cell models are ideal for identifying novel, personalized treatment regimens.

      Browse advanced isogenic cell models