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Cancer research and development tools

As scientists, we are challenged to discover treatments for cancer patients. Yet, the lack of available models relevant to tumor type, disease progression, and population diversity hinders our progress towards rapid advancements in translational medicine.

ATCC believes that this can change—that credible cancer models lead to incredible breakthroughs in translational research. To this end, ATCC is dedicated to providing materials and standards for drug screening, tumor mechanisms, cancer immunology, and cancer diagnostics. New models such as organoids, conditionally reprogrammed cells, luciferase reporter labeled cell lines, isogenic CRISPR/Cas9 genome-edited cell lines, and epithelial-mesenchymal transition cell lines are available. Browse this page by using the buttons below to find the appropriate model for your research goals.

Drug Screening

Imprecise models are a roadblock to cancer drug discovery. As part of our pledge to elevate biological models, ATCC offers well-characterized cell lines, organoids, primary cells, and CRISPR/Cas9 genome-edited cells that support the development and evaluation of high-throughput screening assays for the rapid assessment of pharmaceutical efficacy and compound toxicity.

Next-generation Cell Models for Screening:
Authenticated Cell Models for Screening:
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Tumor Mechanisms

The lack of authenticated cell models restrains the identification of the mechanisms of tumor growth for the rational development of novel treatments and diagnostic methods. In reality, cancer is a group of many diseases that feature uncontrolled cellular growth and spread through multiple mechanisms; therefore, researchers need a wide variety of model systems to isolate the mechanisms behind the growth and metastasis of each tumor type. ATCC can provide the starting point that cancer researchers need with tools such as:

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Cancer Immunology Research Tools

The immune system is central to many forms of cancer, being critical in both its development and its treatment. Boost your cancer immunology research with well authenticated and characterized cell models focused on advancing areas such as cancer cell-directed therapies and immune cell-directed therapies. Our collection of primary cells and continuous cell lines includes immune cells, CD34+ and CD14+ progenitor cells, primary mononuclear cells, lymphocytes, and leukocytes.

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A549 Exosomes

Cancer Diagnostics

Surviving cancer relies on an early, accurate diagnosis of the disease. Scientists are continually designing laboratory and genetic assays to detect the tumor biomarkers that are constantly discovered. The development of these assays requires well-authenticated standards and controls to benchmark the results of the tests. ATCC has the tools you need to test your clinical laboratory assays, imaging techniques, and genomic analyses. We can provide:

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Next-generation cancer models

Discover additional cancer resources

Cancer is complex. Next-generation cancer models can account for these complexities and bring researchers even closer to the next breakthrough. Discover how ATCC and the Human Cancer Models Initiative aim to transform cancer research and therapeutic development by providing next-generation cancer models as a community resource.

Media and Sera

Classical Media
Animal Sera
Buffers and Stains
Dissociation Reagents
Cryopreservation Media and Tools
Specialty Media

ATCC high-performance media, sera, and reagents are uniquely formulated according to the cell growth conditions recommended by the original cell line depositors and ATCC cell culture specialists. These high-performance products are the same reagents used to culture and distribute ATCC cell lines, virtually guaranteeing a successful cell culture. 

Custom Services

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Need an affordable solution to CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing, next-generation model development, nucleic acid extractions, or cell provisioning & authentication? ATCC can help with customized services and solutions to meet your specific assay development needs.