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By Focus Area

ATCC offers a wide assortment of cell cultures, microbial strains, and molecular tools to support your research in a variety of focus areas, such as disease mechanisms, quality control testing, product development, and environmental research.
DNA and microbes illustration

Microbiome Research

Strains and nucleic acids that support research on the human microbiome.

Resources for Agricultural Research

ATCC offers a broad spectrum of fungi, yeasts, plant viruses, and bacteria to support agricultural research.
Gliocladium sp., Dr. Lucille Georg, CDC

Bioenergy Applicaton Strains

Organisms capable of breaking down various low-grade biomass to produce environmentally-friendly renewable energy in the form of alcohols.


ATCC offers cultures that have been utilized in the production of proteins, molecular gene transfer, and vaccine development.
Neisseria gonorrhoeae, Dr. Norman Jacobs, CDC

Microbial Controls for Clinical Research

ATCC offers microbial strains for use in antibiotic resistance/sensitivity assays, instrument validation, and inclusivity/exclusivity testing.
SequenceABI 373 raw data old method

Comparative Genome Sequencing

ATCC provides all the cultures you need to perform complex analysis of sequenced genomes, including fungi, yeasts, bacteria, and protozoa.
Fusarium verticillioides, Dr. Libero Ajello, CDC

Pharmaceutical Research

For all in vitro diagnostic studies, use ATCC as your trusted source for cell cultures and microbial control strains.
Staphyloccus epidermidis, Segrid McAllister and Janice Carr, CDC

Quality Control Strains

ATCC offers fully characterized strains for quality control testing, including strains that have been recommended as controls for rapid identification, tests on food and water, and use with commercial kits and instrumentation.
Merged ips8 1251 EP4 nanog tra 181.jpg

Stem Cell Research

ATCC has provided stem cell resources to the research community for more than a decade, including mouse ES cells, human ES cells, human MSCs, human iPS cells. Complete cell culture solutions to support each type of stem cell are available.
Aspergillus fumigatus, CDC

Environmental Testing and Toxicology

Analyze the complex relationship between microbiology and environmental toxicology using microbial strains provided by ATCC.
Glass of water, D Cartagena, CDC

Control of Environmental Water Sources

ATCC offers a variety of strains for use in the quality control and analysis of environmental water sources.