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Panels by Molecular Signature

Each panel in the molecular signature collection is composed of cell lines that have been sequenced and validated for mutations in specific genes, such as p53. These panels harness the combined forces of genomic data and highly reliable, authenticated ATCC tumor cell lines to provide solid experimental platforms for cancer research and drug discovery.

Genetic Alteration Panels

The Tumor Cell Panels in the Genetic Alteration collection are organized around genes that have important implications for cancer research. The cell lines in each of these panels were selected because they carried a specific mutations or deletion or because they exhibited gene amplification, in the featured gene. Moreover, the mutational status of the cell lines in these panels have been sequenced and validated by ATCC.
DNA strands

p53 Hotspot Mutation Cell Panels

p53 is a tumor suppressor protein encoded by the TP53 gene that responds to DNA damage by regulating cell-cycle arrest, apoptosis and senescence. These p53 Hotspot Mutation Cell Panels are composed of select cell lines derived from tumors of various tissue origins. The p53 mutational status of these lines have been sequenced and validated by ATCC.