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Source Tissue

In the United States, cancer is second only to cardiovascular disease as a leading cause of death. The need for more effective treatments and novel early detection methods are driving elements in current cancer research. ATCC offers a wide assortment of cancer cell lines from human tissues for in vitro investigation, including breast, prostate, lung, brain, pancreas, and colon.


ATCC houses an extensive collection of neurological tumors, including schwannoma, neuroblastoma, astrocytoma and glioma cells.
Human breast cancer cell dividing


ATCC offers a variety of cell lines derived from breast tissue, tumors, and metastases, including the ATCC Breast Cancer Cell Panel.
Human colon cancer cells


ATCC offers over 50 human colon cancer cell lines and two cell panels that contain cell lines with known mutations in genes associated with colon cancer.
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Head and Neck

Browse the ATCC collection of cell lines isolated from salivary gland, tongue, hypopharynx and pharynx.


The ATCC holdings include a vast collection of cell lines derived from kidney, representing the normal and diseased tissue of multiple species.


ATCC offers a wide array of cell lines to support the study of multiple forms of leukemia, including both the acute and chronic myelogenous forms.


ATCC offers an extensive collection of vertebrate liver cell lines, including a liver cancer cell panel and cells derived from metastatic sites
Lung endothelia Carvalho


ATCC offers an extensive collection of lung cell lines, including a lung cancer cell panel and human airway epithelial cells
Lung cancer cell

Metastatic Lines

ATCC offers over 100 human cancer cell lines derived from metastatic sites


ATCC offers a wide array of cell-lines to support research on lymphoma, including Hodgkin’s Disease.
Prostate cancer cells


ATCC offers 30 prostate-derived cell lines from primary tumors, metastatic sites, and normal tissue.