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Agricultural Animal Diseases

Animal disease outbreaks pose a significant social and economic threat toward human health, the management and veterinary care of farm animals and fish, and the production of animal-based products such as meat, milk, eggs, leather, and wool. To prevent the spread of infectious animal diseases, it is the responsibility of the animal husbandry industry to ensure the health and safety of livestock through routine vaccination and medical care.

To aid in the prevention and treatment of animal disease, ATCC has acquired and authenticated a vast array of pathogenic microbial strains known to cause debilitating or life-threatening illnesses in livestock, including the causative agents of:

  • Shipping fever
  • Johne's disease
  • Foot rot
  • Tetanus
  • Bluetongue disease
  • And more...
    • ATCC® Genuine Cultures and Genuine Nucleics are fully authenticated and characterized, so you can get your research moving faster with controls you can trust!

      Strains by Animal

      To maintain the profitability of the animal industry, as well as ensure the quality of animal-based products, it is imperative that animal health and safety is a priority. To this end, we have compiled a brief collection of microorganisms to support animal disease research. Search for strains by animal:


      Strains by Product Category

      Infectious animal diseases can result in significant economic loss attributed to poor growth rates, reduced fertility, and reduced quality of animal-derived products. To protect these resources, ATCC has compiled a collection of microbial species commonly associated with agricultural animal diseases. Search for strains by product category:


      ATCC® Genuine Nucleics

      The development and evaluation of rapid diagnostic methods is critical for the detection and effective treatment of agricultural animal pathogens. ATCC offers an expanding assortment of microbial nucleic acids, including those known to cause disease in animals. Browse our complete collection of ATCC® Genuine Nucleics, then use the left-hand navigation tool to search for products by origin or by species.

      Bacterial nucleic acids
      Fungal nucleic acids
      Protozoan nucleic acids
      Viral nucleic acids