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ATCC® Genuine Cultures

ATCC® Genuine Cultures authentic ATCC microbial strains that are backed by meticulous laboratory procedures and over 90 years of experience in:

  • Full characterization of each strain to establish identity, viability, and purity
  • Careful preservation and storage protocols to maintain each culture
  • Utilization of a seed stock system to minimize subculturing

Each ATCC® Genuine Culture is manufactured under ISO 9001:2008 certification and ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accreditation, and represents a direct, minimal-passage descendant of the original material deposited with ATCC, handled only by ATCC. These products are backed by our warranty and covered by our expert technical support.

Don't take chances on the quality of your cultures. Insist on products that meet ATCC’s world-renowned standards for high quality and safety. ATCC Genuine Cultures are available only from ATCC and our authorized international distributors.

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ATCC® Genuine Cultures

Ensure the validity of your results using high-quality, characterized microbial strains from ATCC. Authenticated ATCC® Genuine Cultures are ideal for assay development, evaluation, and verification.


ATCC® Genuine Nucleics

ATCC® Genuine Nucleics represents the largest and most diverse array of native, synthetic, and certified reference materials for use in molecular-based assays, quality control, and assay development.

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Quality Control Strains

Microbial strains with confirmed identity, viability, and purity are important in quality control testing. To support this need, ATCC provides top-quality microbial reference materials to maintain outstanding quality control programs.

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