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Safety Tips for Returning to the Lab

As scientists, we're facing a myriad of changes and challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To help you get back to work, we have put together a free kit containing a poster, an infographic, and decals that detail the best practices ATCC scientists use to protect the health of our colleagues and the quality of our research. Order the kit or navigate this page for other helpful resources to keep your lab infection-free.

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Lab Work in a Pandemic – How ATCC Navigates the New Normal

Are you concerned about working during the current lockdown environment? To safeguard the health of our scientists, ATCC has adopted a battery of best practices that minimize transmission of SARS-CoV-2 with little impact on productivity. In this webinar, ATCC experts will share what they do to keep the staff safe, current challenges, and the silver linings of the new normal.

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Culture Guides

Culturing biological materials can be challenging at times even for the expert culturist. ATCC has acquired and developed a vast body of best practices to aid researchers at all levels of proficiency to maximize the return on their biomaterials investment. Our guides deliver that knowledge and insight to the end user in a portable, easy-to-follow format.

Download these useful guides and start with fresh authenticated cells and microbial strains from ATCC to achieve the best results.

Download ATCC Culture Guides
Scientist at a centrifuge

Repairing Reproducibility:

It’s Time for a New Perspective

Reproducibility is an urgent problem. Explore what your colleagues believe is the source of the issue and what scientists can do to solve it.

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