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Today's life science landscape is characterized by a much more commercial view of biotechnology than in the past, with intellectual property concerns and commercial rights attached to virtually every piece of work. The increasing awareness of potential public health risks from the transport and use of biological materials has resulted in regulatory constraints that must be negotiated to engage in productive R&D.
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Research Use

The ATCC Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) explains the rights and responsibilities of end users' use of ATCC materials.

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Commercial Use

While ATCC views the MTA as an essential part of distributing its biological materials, the organization readily recognizes the potential utility of ATCC products in commercial applications.
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Data Use Agreement

At ATCC, ensuring the quality of our data is essential. The Data Use Agreement explains the user's rights and responsibilities for using our reference-quality genome data.
Material Transfer Agreement

Material Transfer Agreement

Our mission requires the organization to provide equitable access to its materials. For us to effectively fulfill our mission in the modern R&D environment, we must take measures to protect the rights of all parties involved in the use of its products.
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