Evaluation of ATCC® Site-Specific Microbiome Standards on Long-Read Sequencing Platforms

6/20/2019 — 6/24/2019

Poster presented at ASM Microbe 2019

A predominant limitation in microbiome research is the lack of appropriate and relevant standards to control the technical biases introduced throughout the metagenomics workflow. To address this, ATCC has developed a set of genomic DNA and whole cell mock microbial communities from fully sequenced and characterized ATCC strains that represent species found in the oral, skin, gut, or vaginal microbiome. Here, we demonstrate the utility of these standards as reference materials for 16S and shotgun analyses performed on long-read sequencing platforms. This proof-of-concept analysis demonstrate that ATCC® Microbiome Standards are platform agnostic and can be used for the development and optimization of assays performed on both short-read and long-read sequencing platforms.