Changing Lab Practice

Cell Line Authentication Training Changing Lab Practice

After getting this far in the module, you may want to change some of your lab practices. But, if you're not the head of the lab, you will need to be persuasive. This Chapter is about negotiation and persuasion, and will be useful for implementing cell authentication and other lab practices, and for so much more.

13.1 Pre-class Assignment

This Chapter is for In-Class Use Only. Do this assignment only if it has been assigned to you by your instructor.

Determine your Negotiation and Conflict Style

  1. Please complete this abbreviated Negotiation and Conflict Styles assessment, linked here.This online assessment should take you less than 10 minutes to complete and is based on a widely used and validated assessment of its type, known as the Thomas-Kilman Scale.

Why are we asking you to complete this assessment?  

  • We know that some of you may want to influence cell authentication practices in your lab
  • To do this effectively and in a way that “sticks”, it will help if you carefully plan your approach to your lab leadership
  • You will use your results to help you consider your own and others’ confrontation styles 
  • Your assessment results will help you plan out future conversations about lab practices

13.2 Class materials: Powerpoint

Please feel free to use or modify this Powerpoint, but be sure to acknowledge the source.

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Case Studies - Student View

Use these in small group discussions during class.

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