SOT 60th Annual Meeting and ToxExpo 2021

Society of Toxicology

3/12/2021 — 3/26/2021


Due to the recent developments regarding the current coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) outbreak, the upcoming SOT meeting is a virtual conference. If you would like to speak to one of ATCC’s representatives, please fill out the form.

Toxicologists and scientists from related disciplines were invited to attend the SOT 60th Annual Meeting and ToxExpo. Feel free to view some of our content around toxicology and toxicity testing, including:

  • The Application of hTERT-immortalized Primary Cells in Toxicological Assays Webinar
  • Scientific Posters On Demand
  • ATCC Toxicology Testing Products Pages

Exhibitor-hosted Session:

hTERT Immortalized Cellular Models for Toxicity Screening

Presenter: Kevin Grady, BS, Senior Product Line Business Manager, ATCC
Presenter: Kevin Tyo, PhD, Scientist, ATCC

Developing cell-based assays can be problematic; the cells must be physiologically relevant for the assay to be predictive, yet sufficiently abundant to be included in the assay without introducing interexperimental variability. hTERT-immortalized primary cells address both issues. Primary cells exhibit the highest biological relevance and hTERT-immortalized primary cells exhibit the growth characteristics of continuous cell lines with physiological attributes of primary cells. In this presentation, ATCC experts will discuss the characteristics and utility of various respiratory, skin, and kidney models in toxicological assays.

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Poster Session, 2021

Establishment of 3D Neurosphere Culture from Human iPSC-Derived Neural Progenitor Cells
Presenter: Sheela Jacob, PhD, Senior Scientist, ATCC

Poster Board Number: #P178

Permanent Abstract Number: 2440

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Poster Sessions, 2020

Development of Assay-ready iPSCs-derived CD34+ Cells, Monocytes, and Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Presenter: Sheela Jacob, PhD, Senior Scientist, ATCC

Poster Board Number: #P428

Permanent Abstract Number: 2091

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An In Vitro Cell Model for Toxicity Studies and Pigmentation Regulation Utilizing hTERT-immortalized Neonatal Dermal Melanocytes
Presenter: Michelle Spencer, MS, Biologist, ATCC

Poster Board Number: #P785

Permanent Abstract Number: 2364

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Toxicology Testing Products

Research takes time, don’t waste it by using poor quality materials

ATCC knows that worthwhile science takes time, especially in the toxicology, pre-clinical stages of drug development. It is critical that the standards and model organisms used in toxicological testing are reliable and authenticated. We can help streamline your research by providing the most authenticated, advanced, and functional models available. Let ATCC revolutionize and accelerate your toxicology studies in every phase of the research and testing process.

ATCC provides the cells, media, and reagents needed to explore each step of the in vitro preclinical testing process—from modeling, screening, and characterization to exploratory toxicology to pharmacokinetics and metabolism. We provide renal, neural, airway, and skin toxicity for such applications as high-content screening, 3D culture, spheroid culture, permeability assays, metabolic stability and survival studies, transport activity measurement, and more.

Where are you in your research?

Advanced models or tried and true cells – the choice is yours. Where are you in your research? Use the buttons below to find the model that most suits where you are in your toxicity testing.