AACR Annual Meeting 2021

American Association for Cancer Research

4/10/2021 — 4/15/2021

The AACR Annual Meeting highlights the best cancer science and medicine from institutions all over the world. Attendees are invited to stretch their boundaries, form collaborations, attend sessions outside their own areas of expertise, and learn how to apply exciting new concepts, tools, and techniques to their own research. Although we were not able to participate in the conference, ATCC continues to pursue research and development in the area of cancer research. Feel free to view some of our content around cancer dianostics and drug development, including:

  • Organoid Culture Video Tutorial and Culture Guide
  • Scientific Posters On Demand
  • ATCC Cancer Research Products Pages

Due to the current coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) outbreak, ATCC will present at the AACR meeting via a virtual format. If you would like to speak to one of ATCC’s representatives, please fill out the form.

Organoid Education:

Initiation, Expansion, and Cryopreservation of Organoids

Culturing organoids can be intimidating, as these 3D organotypic models require many additional considerations compared to traditional cell growth techniques. To help researchers get their organoids growing, ATCC scientists have used their expertise to create educational materials that contains everything you need to know about the initiation, expansion, and cryopreservation of organoids in embedded 3D culture. Choose from either watching our instructional video on demand, or download the comprehensive organoid culture guide.

Posters, 2021

Primary NK Cells and Luciferase Expressing Reporter Cell Lines for Use in Developing ADCC Assays for Immuno-oncology Drug Screening
Presenter: Haiyun Liu, PhD, Scientist, ATCC

Poster Number: 1306

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Checkpoint Molecule Profiling in Tumor Cell Lines and Immune Cell Lines for Applications in Immuno-oncology Drug Screening
Presenter: Brian Della Fera, Biologist, ATCC

Poster Number: 1648

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Posters, 2020

Luciferase-expressing Monocyte Reporter Cell Lines as a Predictive Human Cell-Based Model for In Vitro Immune Activation Studies
Presenter: Brian Della Fera, Biologist, ATCC

Poster Number: 1018

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Development of a Novel ECAD-EmGFP Reporter Line for Pancreatic Cancer MET Study and Drug Discovery
Presenter: Diana Douglas, BS, Biologist, ATCC

Poster Number: 1543

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Luciferase-labeled Cell Lines

ATCC is bridging the gap between the in vitro and the in vivo by offering luciferase-labeled cell lines for biological mechanism studies and drug development; these advanced models provide a relatively simple, robust, and highly sensitive means to measure biological processes and to assess drug efficacy in live animal models through bioluminescence imaging.

Next-generation Cancer Models

ATCC is offering scientists a wide variety of next-generation patient-derived in vitro cancer models, including organoids, which will include both common as well as rare and understudied examples of cancer from numerous tissues. These advanced models are valuable tools to study cancer, identify and target novel therapies, and facilitate translational cancer research.

EMT Reporter Cells

Epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) and its reverse, MET, can play critical roles in promoting metastasis and invasion and contribute to drug resistance in carcinoma. ATCC used CRISPR gene editing to develop new reporter lines designed to enable the real-time monitoring of the changing status of cells from epithelial to mesenchymal.