6th Microbiome R&D and Business Collaboration Congress: Asia

National Central University and National Taiwan University

6/4/2020 — 6/5/2020


Join the 6th Microbiome R&D and Business Collaboration Congress to learn more about the latest discoveries and development trends in microbiome research and to explore effective business and commercialization strategies that translate findings into viable products through collaborative partnerships and funding opportunities.

Brian Shapiro, Ph.D., is adept at developing assays that incorporate primary cells. Join this webinar to hear this ATCC expert cover the following key points:

  • Differentiated iPSCs lend the ability to run large toxicity studies and drug screens on highly biologically relevant cells.
  • ATCC iPSCs were used as the source for three types of differentiated cells: CD34+ progenitors, mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), and monocytes.
  • ATCC R&D scientists have generated in-depth data showing the iPSC-derived cells can be incorporated into immunoassays and further differentiated into cell types such as osteocytes, chondrocytes, and adipocytes.

In this webinar, ATCC microbiologist Britany Tang will give an overview of the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 that presents these key points:

  • Understanding the nature of the disease (COVID-19)
  • Understanding what other coronaviruses tell us about SARS-CoV-2 history, genomics, and epidemiology
  • Explaining the advancements in scientific and clinical research and development and how ATCC is contributing to the fight against COVID-19

ASV Annual Meeting 2020

American Society for Virology

6/13/2020 — 6/17/2020

Fort Collins CO

The 39th ASV Annual Meeting is designed to promote discussion and collaboration among scientists active in all aspects of virology. Attendees are invited to submit or sponsor scientific abstracts for workshop and poster sessions at the annual meeting.

ASM Microbe 2020

American Society for Microbiology

6/18/2020 — 6/22/2020

Chicago IL

Booths #1412 & #1418

ASM Microbe 2020 showcases the best microbial sciences in the world and provides a one-of-a-kind forum to explore the complete spectrum of microbiology from basic science to translation and application.

In this webinar Diversigen, Inc. scientist Dr. Tasha Santiago-Rodrigues will discuss the field of viral metagenomics, focusing on the following key points:

  • Implementation of viral standards and controls can help determine biases that could be potentially introduced at different stages of a viral metagenomics pipeline.
  • Identification of biases in a viral metagenomics study provides the opportunity to troubleshoot and benchmark reagents and analysis tools. 
  • Viral standards may evolve to mimic simple and more complex viral communities in diverse environments.

ICE2020 Helsinki

XXVI International Congress of Entomology

7/19/2020 — 7/24/2020


Booth #83

Insects are an essential part of our ecosystem. Join your colleagues to discover more about the crucial role these creatures play in shaping life on Earth.


San Francisco CA

Join ATCC and your colleagues in the biotech community at the "Trends in Cancer Models” forum to discover the latest advancements in preclinical cancer model development. This event will feature in-depth scientific discussions and poster presentations covering essential topics such as the development of three-dimensional culture systems, best practices for organoid production, and the use of organs on a chip to mimic cancer processes ex vivo.

ASTMH 69th Annual Meeting 2020

American Society of Tropical medicine & Hygiene

11/15/2020 — 11/19/2020

Toronto ON

The ASTMH Annual Meeting is a five-day educational conference that draws nearly 4,500 attendees from around the world, including researchers, physicians in global health and tropical & travel disease, military personnel, and public health officials.

AMP 2020 Annual Meeting & Expo

Association for Molecular Pathology

11/17/2020 — 11/20/2020

Vancouver BC

Booth #TBD

AMP 2020 brings together key researchers in every aspect of molecular diagnostics, including interpretation and reporting of molecular diagnostic tests; assay development, validation, and performance; and translational research.