Testing Services

Preserve the integrity, reproducibility, and validity of your research data by performing authentication testing on your working cell banks and controls. ATCC offers testing services for species identification, mycoplasma detection, and human and mouse cell line authentication (STR analysis).

Cell Health Services

Mycoplasma Testing

Protect your research and improve reproducibility by routinely testing your cultures for mycoplasma. Our fast and affordable services include PCR-based testing, direct culture, and DNA staining.

Human Cell Authentication Service

Secure detailed analyses of your cell lines in just 3-5 days. STR testing and comprehensive data interpretation provided by ATCC experts following ISO/IEC 17025 certified processes for authentication.

Mouse Cell Authentication Service

Don’t let misidentification, cross-contamination, and genetic drift invalidate your data. Get your cell lines tested today in three easy steps by using our new Mouse STR Profiling Service.