• Over 90 years’ experience focused solely on Biomaterial services and management
  • Largest, most diverse collection of standardized biological materials.
  • Scale production from several vials up to 1000s of vials
  • Extract, produce and purify related biologicals such as quantitated nucleic acids, and provide alternative formats such as cell pellets, FFPE samples and inactivated microbial strains
  • Customized laboratories, including BSL-3 containment facilities
  • Fill and finish both small and large-scale cell line production
  • Global reach to 150 countries and a network of distribution partners

Deposit Services

We provide a portfolio of deposit services. The general collection deposits and the Type Strain Depository allows researchers to share material around the world. The Patent Depository, Safe Deposit Services, and BioEscrow® meet specific customer needs.

Make a Deposit

Type Strain Deposit Service

Biorepository Service

BioEscrow Deposit

Patent Deposit Service

Customs Solutions

We help you develop, manufacture, preserve, store, and supply a variety of cells and microbes that you need for your custom applications.

Cell & Microbial Banking

Cell & Microbial Authentication

Controls & Derivatives

Cell Line Characterization

We offer a range of authentication testing services designed to ensure consistency and reliability of your research data.

Cell Authentication Testing

Mouse Cell Line Authentication Consortium

Mycoplasma Testing

Species Identification