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ATCC media are uniquely formulated according to cell-growth recommendations of original cell line depositors and ATCC cell culture specialists. In some cases, media formulations differ slightly from other commercially available equivalents. Using ATCC media is the best way to guarantee robust cell growth, ensuring that you'll have a supply of cells when you need them.
ATCC label

Classic Cell Culture Media

ATCC media have been used by ATCC for over 50 years, with formulations that have proven to be reliable for expansion of most cell types.
Vascular Medium  BBE  VEGF  and Vascular Growth Kits

Specialty Cell Culture Media

ATCC offers a variety of media formulations for use in serum-free or low-serum culture conditions to support the growth of stem cells or primary cells.
cryo plate

Microbial Freeze Medium

ATCC, the microbe preservation experts, can help you with long-term storage of cultures. Ready-to-use microbial freeze medium allows for rapid inoculation and preparation of cryopreserved cultures.
Petri dishes

Microbial Media

ATCC microbial media products help you minimize prep time and lab errors.
ATCC Bottle

Microbial Media Supplements

With ATCC media supplements you can reduce media prep time and minimize lab errors by adding several ingredients in one step.
Protozoa Culture Media

Protozoan Culture Media

ATCC offers a variety of protozoa culture media to support the growth of either xenic or axenic cultures.