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Luciferase Cells

ATCC is bridging the gap between the in vitro and the in vivo by offering luciferase-labeled cell lines for biological mechanism studies and drug development; these advanced models provide a relatively simple, robust, and highly sensitive means to measure biological processes and to assess drug efficacy in live animal models through bioluminescence imaging.

CRL-1619-Luc2 A375-Luc2

  • Used to establish in vivo tumor models
  • Quantifiable luciferase expression
  • Verified Luc2 expression stability
  • Derived from commonly used human and mouse cell lines
  • Developed by single cell cloning
  • Fully authenticated, versatile cell tools
    • Luciferase-labeled Cells

      ATCC maintains luciferase-expressing reporter cell lines derived from the most commonly used cells in molecular imaging studies. The addition of the luciferase reporter to these cell lines increases their utility by allowing for real-time imaging of the tumors.

      Isogenic Luciferase-labeled Cells

      By utilizing the CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing, ATCC offers isogenic cell models harboring critical drug-resistant or -sensitive mutations that also express the luciferase reporter. These advanced models can be used in in vivo studies to identify novel, personalized treatment regimens.

      Reporter-labeled Cells

      Reporter-labeled cell lines

      Reporter-labeled cell lines are useful for monitoring various biological functions. These cells either constitutively or inducibly express a reporter gene (such as GFP, RFP, luciferase, or lacZ). ATCC is continually accessioning and creating new reporter cell lines to quicken the pace of your research.